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Hot Air Balloons

Hot Air Balloons are 3ft helium filled balloons with a netting around them cascading down and attached to a basket.  Our baskets come in all different sizes and shapes depending on what's inside them. This is a beautiful gift that makes a splash wherever it goes.  Similar to the stuffed balloons, the basket can contain personalized items that you provide, or we can complete the package for you!

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Stuffed Balloons

Also referred to as 'Gift in a Balloon', they are beautiful 18" upside down balloons that can be stuffed with gifts that give a personalized touch.  Do you have a gift for a birthday, baby shower, anniversary, or get well that needs just a little more dressing up than your typical wrapping paper or gift bag?  We can balloon wrap those gifts for you, placing them into the stuffed balloon making your gift a unique and beautifully wrapped present.  Can't decide what to get the person who has everything?  We can stuff the balloon for you, making the experience even easier.  

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Air Walkers

These are child to adult size balloons that float (walk) gently along the floor just like a person.  They are great fun and are available in many different characters. 

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Yo-Yo Balloons are fantastically fun for kids of ALL ages (Yes, the adults too). Put your finger through the loop at the end of the string and let it fall like a yo-yo.  The water inside is the weight to bring it down and back up, but the balloon is made from a very thick latex so it doesn't pop like an ordinary water balloon.  Loads of fun for all ages!!!